It’s Brandi, wearing her trademark hat and jacket, as an orange hue absorbs the top right quadrant of the album cover. She’s not phased though cause it’s kinda sepia and sepia is a kind photo setting.

The Firewatcher’s Daughter by Brandi Carlile

M- Don’t know her? Look this lady up immediately. Like, stop reading this post and Google her now and listen to this woman sing. It’s basically life changing. With a voice that is angelic and as smooth as silk in one song, and full on bluesy rock in the next, there’s no doubt she’s got incredible talent. Beautiful harmonies by her and the twins, ones that’ll make you tear up if you get emotional easily, and ones you want to belt with the windows down, driving down a dirt road…or any road for that matter. Good job on going Indie Brandi. Her creativity shines big time. Some faves – Wherever is Your Heart, Blood Muscle Skin & Bone, Mainstream Kid, and Wilder


J- Ditto. We had the pleasure of witnessing Brandi’s live show in Williamsburg, NY, this past March. I’ve long known of my wife’s love of Brandi’s music but it truly wasn’t until this album that I bought in. Hearing Brandi, and the Hanseroth twins that flank her on stage, supporting her songs with their amazing harmonies, guitar playing and songwriting, made me appreciate the music so much more. So, like she said, go and listen to this woman sing. She’s got a real gift.

Watch the LIVE music video for the first single: Brandi Carlile- The Firewatcher’s Daughter (live)

You can buy this album at an awesome local business called Odds and Sods Record Shoppe