Future Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Noel Gallagher, wearing the rock shades, challenges you to a debate. Topic is up to you but be prepared for an onslaught of curse words, constructive (and hilarious) criticism, and, oh yes, 60’s inspired musical gold.

Chasing Yesterday by Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

M- As soon as you hear the single (Riverman), you know you’ve got to run out and pick this one up.

J- Yeah. I think we were in the car, listening to CBC Radio 2 as we often do, and they played the single. I didn’t know I was missing that song in my life until I heard it.

M-He’s still got it, people. Do I need to share much more?

J- Well, it’s an album review, so that’d be appropriate.

M-It’s Noel Gallagher.

J- Yes it is but it’s not Oasis. It’s his solo project so people might be concerned it won’t be as good.

M-Put your full trust in his legendary status and give it a listen. Awesome lyrically and the melodies are pretty much golden.

J- My favourites, given those criteria, are “The Girl With The X-Ray Eyes”, “While The Song Remains The Same”, which has got some touches of jazz and funk to it.

M-A very smooth eeriness in some, and head-bobbing rock in others.

J- Like “The Dying Of The Light”, with its slow pace, wailing guitar notes and gentle keyboard sounds for the eeriness. Head-bobbing rock would be… “The Mexican” and an Oasis-esque bopper like “You Know We Can’t Go Back”.

M-Cool female vocal harmonies too.

J- Yeah, that was a nice touch. So was the use of instruments like saxophone on a few tracks.

M-Is it an earth shattering rock album? No. But it’s solid.

J- It is solid. It’s a generally decent listen all the way through.

M-Super easy to listen to. That voice we know and love, and let’s face it, makes a bunch of us nostalgic, is just waiting for you to join in.

J- Join the flock of high flying birds! Check out “Riverman”…

M- and sing along, people!

Watch the music video for the single: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds- Riverman

You can buy this album at an awesome local business called Odds and Sods Record Shoppe