Hey. Just checking in with an official blog update. Although I update the social media platforms on a semi-regular basis, this space is something I haven’t gotten around to much this year. I’m hoping to amend that by updating with some musical thoughts, album suggestions, video updates and cover/demo sharing over the next few months.

More recently, my wife and I had the pleasure of playing a set, opening for Kosmo’s Factory’s 20th anniversary concert. It was good to get out on stage again and sing some of our favourite songs. Tis a little trickier now that we have a little baby in the house!

We also enjoyed the Ottawa Bluesfest lineup this year. We had the pleasure of standing second row for Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. We danced in the rain to The Lumineers. We swayed and sweated on a humid evening to the new alt rock of Half Moon Run. All acts we hadn’t seen before and all acts we enjoyed for different reasons. Noel Gallagher because he’s a legend and his newest album, as we reviewed some months ago, is fantastic. The Lumineers because they’re delightful and harmonious and folky. Half Moon Run because they’re energetic and fun and quite talented musicians.

Taking time for live music is something that’s still important to us and makes for a pretty great date night. Date nights are essential for couples with new babies because, hey, parents need time to connect with one another, too! So there’s my piece of advice for the month…date nights are good. Schedule them regularly.

More to come later this month!