Joe enjoys playing and composing songs on keyboard and guitar. From house concerts to farmers markets, Joe traverses Ottawa and the valley with his songs.

Full Band

See Joe Smile isn’t always a rocking solo act. Joe’s got some pretty talented friends too, and they play some pretty sweet tunes.

Music Lessons

Joe offers keyboard and drum lessons to students 5 and older. Read more about his philosophy and methods where the joy of music is the central focus.

Music Ministry

Joe also has a passion for leading, arranging and composing music for church celebrations, such as mass, praise & worship services and weddings.

The origins of See Joe Smile are in the Ottawa Valley, west of Ottawa Centre, in a suburb named Kanata. It was in the land of telecommunication companies, strawberry farms, and Ottawa Senators hockey that the red-haired Joe Cousineau learned to drum, play piano, sing, and write songs.

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Song of the month

Orphans [Live]

by Coldplay | Everyday Life
Song Share for Second and Third Sundays of Advent

Song Share for Second and Third Sundays of Advent

Last weekend was a special one for our family with our son's baptism at St. Augustine's. Family and friends welcomed him into the Church, and we had a big party afterwards, with food of which we're still trying to finish. So, I wasn't on the computer much and ended up...

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Song Share for First Sunday of Advent- 2019

Song Share for First Sunday of Advent- 2019

Today's the first sunday of Advent. Light the advent candle one. Eleanor's old enough this year that she's excited for opening doors to the Advent calendars (one biblical, one chocolate) and asking about the candles being lit. Pretty cool. Anyways, this is one of the...

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See Joe Smile @ Greenfields

Here are a few photos (credit Sean Macphee) from our set at Greenfields, last Friday, which was a part of the Dominica Fundraiser concert. Stay tuned for details on how much money we raised and on a few videos to show the band live and direct. For the quickest and...

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