📻 Movember 21st at 3pm. Tune into my IG Live for a special concert supporting the @movember campaign. On that day, you can access it by going to Instagram.com/seejoesmile, or by clicking the “Live” story circle in your Story Feed on Instagram.

I’m not growing a mo this year, so I’ve opted to host a show instead. Seen a number of these over the 8 months, and have always wanted to do one.

😎 Next Saturday is the day!

💵 Donations will be encouraged and welcomed at https://mobro.co/joecoolcousineau today, the concert day and for the rest of the month.

🙏 Also, please pray for men who are fighting cancer and mental health battles, and their families. Consider lifting up a rosary or Divine Mercy chaplet their way.

Let’s help make a difference for men’s health.