Dear friends,

Last Saturday, the 27th of October, was a grand day in life.

Tyson and Jordan standing at the altar at the end of the wedding mass.
Tyson, See Joe Smile’s drummer was wed to his bride, Jordan (cue applause and cheering).

It was a beautiful mass, dinner, and one heck of a great celebration. Jordan and her bridesmaids even did a big dance routine, featuring her father, masquerading as the big-haired guy from that very popular duo on the pop/dance charts right now. You know, the one with the 5 letter abbreviation?

Anyways, I had the pleasure of being a groomsman to Tyson and wanted very much to share a speech with the special couple on this occasion. As part of my speech, I wrote a love song for them, which ended up being a wedding song. My wife, Michaela and Mr. Thom Moloney of SJS accompanied me at the podium for its debut performance.

The performance went very well and I am quite pleased with how the song turned out. The couple loved it and were moved by it so that’s what counts. The bonus was hearing other people share how they appreciated the song and felt it captured the essence of what a marriage intends to be, is and hopes to be. A songwriter…or should I say, this songwriter, ALWAYS appreciates feedback on his songs, positive or negative.

So, I do believe this will be a song that I record, as a demo first, and hopefully as a polished entity in 2013.
For those of you who come to the next show, which will be announced later this month, you will be the second audience to hear this song, and I look forward to singing it for your listening pleasure.

Happy November, enjoy the candy, and turn on that furnace…the cold nights are coming.


Joe =)