Here we are, at summer’s end (#foofighters), and it’s about time for an update. It was an absolute joy to be a part of two weddings last month, leading music for both of the wedding masses. Weddings are always a good time and it is a true honour to sing and play for a momentous occasion, especially when it’s for people I know. Prayers of blessing upon the couples who wed and may your love burn bright for many decades.

Things on the forefront of my mind these days, besides work and family life, include:

That time where I said I’d record another EP for the Folk Series I’ve started.
I need to get on that. A reminder to those who might have missed the announcement earlier in the year, it’s going to be a collection of Taylor Swift songs. I was on a real Taylor kick last year when 1989 was released. Not so much at the moment but I did prepare some arrangements that deserve to be recorded. So that’ll happen soon.

Parodies! One of my favourite things to write is a parody or alternate version of an existing song. Working at the restaurant has provided me with plenty of gems of inspiration. One, in particular, really caught my attention and the attention of others…which is a spoof of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”. I’ve turned it into “Headset Ring” and it’s about a girl who won’t come through the guy’s drive thru anymore. It’s literally about restaurant life and I intend to put a few sneak peeks of it on Instagram before I share the full thing.

I wonder if Drake would approve of this jam I’m writing?

TV! It’s the fall and the beginning of a new season of TV shows. My wife and I do enjoy a number of shows together. The ones we’ve been following that are returning this week are:

Big Bang Theory
New Girl
Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The new ones we’re planning to check out are:

This is Us
Designated Survivor

I’m especially interested in Pitch. Any show that can combine sports with drama has the potential to be a real winner for anybody who likes sports and stories…and I’m a guy who likes sports and stories. Rock on!