Greetings friends,

This past week, I’ve been cleaning up the office which has all of my files, books, and archives of various things from school to music. I finally got around to making a little binder of “See Joe Smile” memories. It’s a similar idea to those books you can get at Chapters these days which tell the stories of bands, like Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and include setlists, posters and ticket stubs. It was pretty cool looking back on some of the shows and sets we’ve played. It makes me excited to create more musical memories in the future, and I’m hoping that in the upcoming year, some of those memories will take place in some new places around the province!

Top Row: Tyson, Paul, Joe

See Joe Smile's band members gathered for the EP Release in May 2011 Top Row: Tyson, Paul, Joe Bottom Row: Shane, Thom, Kaitlin, Marisa

Here’s a list of shows See Joe Smile has played, in full band form, since its beginnings in 2009:

April 17, 2009– Zaphods, opened for Tara Holloway and The Rebel Year, Ottawa
May 9, 2009– Holy Redeemer, Challenge/Cursillo event Closer To Him
June 13, 2009– Amberwoodstock, Stittsville
July 1, 2009–  Canada Day @ Goulbourn Rec Centre, Stittsville, ON (“PG & The Praisers Farewell Tour”)
August 31, 2009– Zaphods with Tyler Kealey and The Girls (Michaela & Arianna DGM), Ottawa

January 8, 2010- LiVE Lounge, opened for Stories Underground and Bluestone, Ottawa
April 7, 2010- Zaphods with Joe Zambon and Ami Jette, Ottawa
May 30, 2010- Duffy’s Tavern, part of the Pitter Patter Festival with Bella Clava, The Natural Shocks and Persian Rugs, Toronto
June 12, 2010- Private Anniversary Function at St. Maurice’s, Ottawa
July 22, 2010- LiVE Lounge, opened for La Strada from NYC, Ottawa
August 18, 2010- Cajun Attic, sponsored by Indie Buzz Werks, with Jon Kerr and Filet Sterling, Ottawa
September 2010- Amberwoodstock, Stittsville

April 29, 2011- Frassati House, “APB 2.0”, opened for Kosmos’ Factory
May 20, 2011- St. Monica’s Parish, Challenge/Cursillo event Closer To Him
May 26, 2011- Zaphod’s, “SJS EP Release”, with Little Stella and J. Alexander Vance
June 2, 2011- ASLA, “Rhys Hill Benefit Concert”, with Adanac (ASLA school band)
June 11, 2011- Shenkman Arts Centre, “Awakening” Cursillo Music Concert, with Stephen Grant and more, Ottawa
August 13, 2011- Maverick’s, opened for Right By Midnight, Micarza Camaro, with Decade Of Sleep, Ottawa
December 30, 2011- Museum of Nature, Joe & Michaela’s Wedding Reception, Ottawa