Last weekend was a special one for our family with our son’s baptism at St. Augustine’s. Family and friends welcomed him into the Church, and we had a big party afterwards, with food of which we’re still trying to finish. So, I wasn’t on the computer much and ended up backtracking on my Facebook page’s song shares.

So, today’s double song share looks back to the faith that was shared to our new addition last Sunday and looks ahead to the joy of the 3rd Sunday of Advent.

This song has exploded in popularity since its release. Even my parish priest has used it as a song of reflection. To paraphrase Acts 4:12, there is no other name under heaven given to mankind, by which we can be saved. Really beautiful melody and, sometimes, I get tired of the typical Hillsong song structure and dynamics, but the bridge on this one is lyrically strong. It offers multiple points of prayer and meditation.

Everlasting God is a song I’ve known for a while, but only recently have I thought of how it fits the season of Advent. It shares the waiting and the need to depend on God so joyfully. Great fit for the 3rd Sunday of Advent.

Only 12 days away now, folks. Hope the preparations, both physical and spiritual, are going well.
Next Friday is a Refuge Adoration & Reconciliation Service at St. Augustine’s. 7PM. Come out and prepare the way of the Lord, in your heart, mind and soul.